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Pastries inspired by the French tradition of baking including light, flaky layers and delectable fillings.



Croissant  3.75

Almond croissant. 5.00

buttery croissant filled with almond cream filling 

Pain au chocolat  4.00

Almond pain au chocolat  4.75

pain au chocolat filled with almond cream filling

Raspberry pain au chocolat  5.50

Almond raspberry pain au chocolat 5.50

raspberry pain au chocolat filled with almond cream filling

Double chocolate pain au chocolat  6.00

Financier  3.75

almond cake with browned crust and soft texture 

Tiger financier (Chocolate)  4.25

almond cake with french chocolate ganache 

Blueberry financier  4.25

almond cake with blueberries 

Le Danish  5.50

layers of buttery pastry filled with light french custard topped with fresh fruit 

La Biterroise  5.50

flakey pastry filled with apple cinnamon compote and golden raisins; specialty from Beziers

Palmier  4.25

layers of buttery puff pastry, caramelized exterior with a tender, flaky interior

Tart Aux Noix  4.75

layers of thin, flaky pastry filled with finely chopped walnuts and orange blossom water 

Madeleine  2.50

petite moist vanilla sponge cake 

What Our Customers Say

"All of their pastries are excellent, our favorites are the almond croissant and the pain au chocolat. Big bonus they have several types of fresh baked bread as well!"
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