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Mother's Day

~Le Reine des Mamans~

Pre-Order your Mother's Day cakes today! Treat you mom like the queen she truly is

> Pistachio sponge filled with French vanilla crémeux and strawberry coulis topped with farm fresh strawberries  


Welcome to our little corner of France, nestled right here in Chester, NJ. Step inside and let the aroma of freshly baked goods and pastries transport you to the charming streets of Béziers. 


Bread of the month

Pain Au Campagne


You have to try this!

Just talking about it won't lead you anywhere

Have you already tried a Chocolat/Raspberry croissant? Have you heard of the amazing Birthday Cake Macaron? What do you really know about Danishes? Is it real gold on top of the Opera? You can answer all these questions every day (except Mondays) from 7 to 5, 57 Main St, Chester.

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